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5 Ways a Call Center Rep Can Present Financing to Their Customer

Consumer financing increases business revenue. And shoppers want alternative payment options. Offering financing to call center customers is an effective way to grow your business while meeting customer needs and wants!

Call center sales representatives must be equipped to present financing to their customers effectively. This United Consumer Financial Services article outlines five ways to highlight the benefits of consumer financing that will help call center agents make the sale.

Introduce Financing Early in the Conversation

Call center reps have the unique task of making a sale without the advantages of face-to-face interaction. From the moment the call begins, they have just seconds to earn the trust and confidence of the customer. Every step of the call is part of a strategic plan to make the sale. And that includes presenting financing to the consumer.

Call center reps should introduce financing options early in the conversation. Your customers need to know they have affordable payment options from the beginning of their interaction with your business. According to research by McKinsey, 75 percent of consumers who finance big-ticket items determine to do so early in the buyer’s journey. Discussing consumer financing plans instills confidence in the buyer, assuring them that they can responsibly afford their purchases.

If too much time passes in the conversation without a sales rep presenting financing, the customer is prone to talk themselves out of the purchase. Don’t allow them to doubt their ability to buy responsibly or afford your products or services. By introducing financing near the beginning of the phone call, you plant the idea in their minds early on, instilling the confidence and security the consumer needs to move down the purchase path.

Emphasize the Possibilities Financing Affords

Financing is an ideal, attractive option for most customers. Installment payment plans expand purchase possibilities for customers, and it’s the responsibility of the call center rep to explain how.

The most apparent benefit of consumer financing is that it makes the initial purchase possible. Financing through a firm like United Consumer Financial Services makes big-ticket items affordable –– even for consumers with lower discretionary spending budgets. Call center reps can emphasize the benefits of installment loans – or low monthly payments – instead of making the purchase with a credit card, making minimum monthly payments, resulting in a decade to pay off the purchase.

But financing does more than allow for purchase. It expands the possibilities regarding what customers feel they can reasonably afford. An item previously out of budget suddenly becomes affordable when the price is divided over many months with a scheduled payment plan.

Consumer financing offers your customers new possibilities regarding their purchases and expands their buying options. Ensure your call center reps emphasize the freedom financing affords the consumer. Doing so can help them make more sales while increasing the average order value of customer purchases.

Communicate the Simplicity of the Process

Committing to financing can be intimidating for some of your customers. While installment loans or “Buy Now Pay Later” options have become standard in many retail spaces, some shoppers still hesitate to finance their purchases.

However, financing is the key to consumers increasing their purchase power and businesses like yours increasing sales. Recent research shows that 76 percent of consumers are more likely to purchase if they have an easy, seamless financing experience. Call center reps must communicate the simplicity and ease of the consumer financing process.

The financing firm you partner with directly impacts your customers’ financing experiences. Choosing the right financing company can make or break your reputation –– and your sales. Put your callers at ease by ensuring them that your financing is simple, affordable, and straightforward.

Team members should communicate in clear, simple terms how your financing works, customer payment terms and amounts, payment schedules, and other details of the payment plans. The more information you provide to the customer, the more confident they feel to commit to financing their purchase.

Discuss Financing at the Point of Sale

The point of sale is a crucial time for sales reps to present consumer financing to their customer. Train your team to offer financing options in a helpful, not pushy, way. Even if your sales reps can guide the customer to the point of sale, many consumers get cold feet at the last second. The call ends, and the agent has nothing to show for it.

Presenting financing options can be the final factor that incentivizes customers to purchase.

As the conversation advances toward the sale, reps should emphasize the many benefits of financing:

  • Improved credit score with on-time payments
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Immediate ability to purchase
  • Access to possible purchase upgrades

Customers often need to hear the same information packaged in various ways before understanding and committing to a financing plan. Train reps to patiently, calmly, and communicate the benefits of financing at the point of sale.

Highlight Financing Options in Follow-Up Emails

The sales rep’s job isn’t over once the call is complete. Anyone in the industry knows that most calls don’t end in a sale. But calls allow agents to collect valuable contact information that provides ample opportunity for follow-up communication that can result in a sale.

Sales reps should include compelling information regarding financing options when they email customers after the call. Seeing financing information in writing allows customers to understand and further consider how financing could improve their purchase experience and increase their purchase power.

A good sales rep knows that persistence is part of the sales process. Highlight financing options in follow-up emails. Keep that information at the forefront of customers’ minds as you guide them closer to the sale –– even after the call has ended.

Partnering with UCFS for Seamless Call Center Financing

The benefits of offering consumer financing to your call center customers are endless. To make the most of financing options, you need to partner with a financing firm that can address your needs and rise to meet evolving consumer demands. UCFS brings more than four decades of financing experience to the table, ensuring your business and customers receive all the benefits financing provides.

Reach out to learn how you can partner with UCFS to implement consumer financing in your call center starting today.