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How to Grow Your Hot Tub Business Using Online Marketing

As a hot tub business, you want to reach potential customers through the channels and formats most relevant and compelling to them; online marketing makes that possible. When done right, online marketing boosts engagement and increases sales and revenue. Join the United Consumer Financial Services team as we explore how to grow your hot tub business with online marketing.

Create Content Shoppers Want to Consume

Consumers conduct most of their product research and shopping online rather than in-store. Creating and distributing the right content to the proper channels at the right time is critical to effective online marketing that closes the sale. When you execute your content strategy, you position your products and brand in prime spots on the digital shelf, boosting engagement, clicks, leads, and conversions.

Below are the top content types you should prioritize as you seek to grow your hot tub and spa business.

Rich Content

Your content allows you to stand out in a sea of competitors and differentiate your business. Implementing rich content in your online marketing strategy lets you showcase your products, highlight unique features, and compel shoppers to learn more.

Rich content includes various formats that go above and beyond typical written copy, including

  • Product videos
  • 360-degree spin imagery
  • Detailed product specs and dimensions with comparisons to competing products or businesses
  • 3D and augmented reality product views
  • Hot-spot imagery

Rich content promotes customer interaction with your products. When your content is helpful and engaging, you connect with shoppers and draw them toward purchase.

Lifestyle Images and Video

Hot tubs completely transform how owners think about recreation, relaxation, and entertaining. Create content that shows them exactly how.

Lifestyle images and videos help customers visualize how a hot tub purchase can enhance their lives. Show them what it looks like to have a hot tub just steps away from their door. When they see others using and enjoying their spas, they can more easily imagine themselves enjoying a hot tub.

Publish lifestyle content on your site and socials so you can engage shoppers wherever they interact with your business online. Hot tub sales are as much about storytelling as pricing and products. Lifestyle content helps you tell a story that compels shoppers to buy and enables you to grow your business.

FAQs and Helpful Content

In addition to compelling lifestyle content, shoppers need the facts to make an informed purchase decision. By proactively answering their questions and providing them with helpful product content, you reduce buying friction and speed them toward purchase.

Including FAQs and other helpful content (delivery expectations, return policies, etc.) on your product pages instills confidence in your customers and gives them ample information to choose the hot tub that best suits their needs and preferences.

Implement a Ratings and Reviews Program

Customer reviews shape your reputation and directly affect your sales numbers. Ratings and reviews are the most crucial factors influencing purchase decisions, ranking above price and personal recommendations from family and friends.

Research shows that 93 percent of consumers will read reviews before purchasing a product, and many shoppers will not even consider buying a product if there are too few reviews.

Including relevant customer reviews on your product pages gives shoppers the social proof they seek before committing to their hot tub purchase. Customer reviews build trust, boost confidence, and fill in potential gaps in your product content. Implementing a ratings and reviews program allows you to secure and manage verified reviews that contribute to your sales.

 Email Marketing

Email marketing is a systematic, low-cost way to deliver strategic messaging directly to your target audience. Regardless of their stage in the sales funnel, you can connect with consumers through email and advance them toward purchase.

Your email marketing approach can be as varied as your customer base. However, there are a few things to include in your emails that will help you increase your sales and grow your company:

  • Testimonials – Highlight glowing customer reviews so potential customers know what buyers think of your products and services.
  • Sales and Specials – Shoppers want a good deal. Highlight specials, sales, and service bundles.  Include chemicals and accessories for your spas and hot tubs.
  • Visual Content – Break up written copy with product visuals, including the rich content we explored above. This will make reading and understanding your marketing emails easier for your audience.
  • Calls to Action – Don’t forget to call readers to action. Whether you include a link to contact a sales rep or a button to take them to your site, your emails should include CTAs that bring readers closer to a purchase.

Provide Simple Financing Solutions

Shoppers need flexible payment options to buy the hot tub they want when they want it. Consumer financing is essential for any hot tub business looking to increase sales and grow.

Low monthly payments for your hot tub business make your products more affordable and accessible and help you increase your sales. Finding the right partner is the key to optimizing your financing program. You need a firm that can anticipate your needs, streamline application and approval, and secure payment for your company.

United Consumer Financial Services delivers consumer financing designed for your hot tub and spa business. Our program is designed to simplify sales and is easily integrated into your marketing strategy.

With UCFS, you or your customers can enter their credit applications online. After receiving a prompt notice of approval, you can complete the sale, and your customers can then eSign their contract from their phones to proceed with their purchase. Securing consumer financing has never been easier, faster, or less stressful for your shoppers.

Partnering with UCFS supports your customers and business. You receive payment one to three days after the hot tub or spa is delivered, giving you access to your earnings to invest in your growing business.

Consumer financing allows shoppers to buy their dream hot tub today while providing you with the funds you need to expand your company.

Grow Your Hot Tub Business with UCFS

Competing in the hot tub market requires optimizing your online presence and utilizing the many digital marketing tools available. Consumer financing allows you to reach a broader customer base, increase affordability, streamline your operations, and improve cash flow.

Our team is here to help you establish a consumer financing program that serves your shoppers online and in-store, helping you grow your hot tub business. Reach out to UCFS today to learn more.