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How to Increase Leads for Your Tax Relief Business

Individuals in need of tax relief help often find themselves with their backs against the wall: they owe thousands in unpaid taxes, but they don’t have the resources to pay them. Tax relief businesses like yours provide valuable services to these individuals. Understanding how to increase quality leads helps you relieve clients of the burden of owed taxes and empowers you to grow your company.

In this article, we walk you through increasing leads for your tax relief business.

1. Optimize Your Website

Individuals seeking relief from mounting tax debt use the internet to find solutions. While other means of advertising and marketing can be helpful to increase leads for your tax relief business, you’ll engage with the most significant number of potential clients online through your site.

But having an online presence is not enough to compete in the tax relief industry. According to the Department of the Treasury, U.S. citizens fail to pay roughly $600 billion in taxes every year. That translates into a significant need for tax relief services. The tax relief industry continues to grow with the tax gap increasing over the last few years.

Making your tax relief business stand out online helps individuals seeking your services easily find you. Working with a digital marketing firm to optimize your website increases your rank on Google’s search engine results pages. SEO optimization allows you to draw in your target audience through specific keywords, helpful and informative content, and technical SEO that gets Google’s attention.

Think of website optimization as a newer­­ –– and more effective –– way to market your tax relief business. Professional optimization puts you in the hands of your potential clients, increasing your leads.

2. Strategize Qualifying Questions

Lead generation forms gather essential customer information without consuming the time or resources of your staff. These online forms allow any of your site visitors to input their information discreetly and on their own time.

The key to earning leads through forms lies in the questions you ask. The individuals coming to your site are in a difficult situation both financially and emotionally. The reality of owing thousands of dollars in taxes takes a toll. It’s stressful and can be a source of shame. Consider the perspective of your clients as you build your forms.

Instead of immediately seeking personal information like a name or phone number, strategize your qualifying questions. Asking easy questions first increases the chance of conversion later in the journey.  In the marketing world, this is known as “The Breadcrumb Technique.” Getting your site visitors to say yes to a small request first increases the probability that they’ll say yes to a larger request later.

In this case, the small request is having them answer a few simple questions about their needs. This request isn’t personal, intimidating, or time-consuming to fulfill. Begin with easy-answer questions and allow site visitors to remain anonymous. For example, ask how much they currently owe. You’ll earn the initial engagement, which gives you a better chance of selling your services later in the sales process.

3. Manage Your Reviews

Reviews are a critical component of any business’s reputation. Today, virtually every buyer reads online reviews before purchasing any kind. According to a 2021 survey, 91 percent of buyers read at least one review before making a purchase decision. But to earn trust – and leads – you’ll need more than just one positive review. The same survey found that nearly a third of respondents trust a business rating if it has between 11 and 50 reviews. About 19 percent of shoppers expect between 51 and 100 reviews. The bottom line: you need a considerable number of good reviews.

Ask customers to leave reviews of their positive experiences with your tax relief business. Give them the service and empathetic, personal care that motivates them to leave a good review. Make the process as simple as possible: text or email them a link and ask them to give a five-star rating. You’ll probably get one by cutting out steps and asking specifically for a good review.

Understand that you will not make every customer happy, but you must work to improve it if or when you receive a negative review. Address the negative comment publicly, then fix or improve any mistakes. If there is no fault on your end, continue communicating in a kind, respectful way. Remember: your customers are under a lot of stress and might react negatively regardless of their experience with your company. Your response will speak volumes to potential clients reading through your reviews.  

4. Outsource Your Consumer Financing

The financial burden of owing back taxes is crushing. Many people feel like there is no way out of the situation. But by offering consumer financing for your tax relief business, you provide real, affordable options for your clientele.

Partnering with United Consumer Financial Services to handle your client financing enables you to make your services accessible to a huge pool of potential clients and be paid within 1-2 days for that sale. By outsourcing consumer financing, you save money by eliminating staff responsibility accounts receivables and you improve your cash flow by being paid quickly. And your clients can pay for tax relief services through affordable monthly installments.

With UCFS, your clients enjoy a simple application, fast notice of approval, and U.S.-based customer support. The user-friendly consumer portal allows your customers to review payment history and loan status. You benefit from serving more clients and having the support you need to run your businesses. The UCFS merchant portal lets your business manage credit applications and contracts and see payments for closed deals.

Offering financing through UCFS brings clients to your door and allows them to utilize your life-changing services. Earning your tax relief business leads can be as simple as partnering with UCFS to provide affordable financing options. If you’re ready to increase cash flow, reduce office expenses, and increase conversions, contact the team at UCFS today to talk about financing for your tax relief business.