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How to Make Your Timeshare Exit Company Stand Out Online

Creating a powerful online presence helps your timeshare exit company earn higher traffic, quality leads, and increased revenue. Read on to learn how to set yourself apart from your competition and make your timeshare exit company stand out online.

Maintain Your Blog

Earning organic traffic through search engines like Google increases your timeshare exit company leads.

Your site should provide information about your company and the services you offer, but you can’t stop there. You can create a site that brings in quality leads for your timeshare exit company through SEO and consistent blog publishing.

Blogs remain a top source for organic search traffic. As you consider blog strategies for your timeshare exit company, think about your target audience, their questions, and the solutions you can provide them through your blog.

Earning traffic through your blog requires more than the occasional post. Below are a few factors to implement into your content blogging strategy.

  1. Keyword Research

The keywords you choose to act as guideposts to individuals seeking out timeshare exit services. By conducting keyword research, you can know the terms and phrases your target audience is searching for when they come to Google looking for answers.

Know your audience’s problems: they want a way out of their timeshare. From that starting point, formulate a keyword strategy that incorporates high-intent keywords. Then, use Google’s predictive text –– and other keyword search tools –– to compile a list of keywords. You can even check out your competition’s blog to evaluate their keyword strategy to help you shape your own.

Incorporating keywords your audience uses helps you earn traffic, leading to customer engagement and conversions.

  1. Readability

A quality timeshare blog should have readability: the quality that keeps readers on your page until they reach the end of your articles.

Format your posts to keep your clients’ attention. Break up your copy into smaller, easily digestible paragraphs. Speak your client’s language, and avoid using industry jargon that might confuse or intimidate your customers who already feel overwhelmed.

Your articles should be helpful, answering your potential client’s questions. In addition, blogging allows you to engage with customers personally, cultivating trust early in the process.

  1. Consistent Publishing

Google –– and other search engines like it –– place a high value on sites that publish content frequently. Consistent blogging gives search engines more pages to index and signals that your site has authority. More content and high page value earn your site’s rankings in search engine results pages. High rankings help you stand out online, increasing leads for your timeshare exit company.

Partner with a Digital Marketing Firm

Your site is the primary place to engage with potential customers. A website communicates your vision, your services, and your brand. As a result, your site is the most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. Partnering with a professional digital marketing firm ensures you get the most out of your website and online presence.

Digital marketing firms bring expertise and marketing experience to the table. They’ll help you set and execute goals, effectively reach target customers, develop brand strategies and build trust.

Your typical client is ready to terminate their timeshare contract immediately. They likely feel deceived by their timeshare company, so you must present your brand as one that values your customer and works with integrity. Working with a digital firm will help you craft an online presence that promotes effective communication with your clientele.

Manage Your Reviews

Online searchers look to your company’s reviews to determine the quality of your services and your customer care. In addition, good reviews foster connections that build trust and cultivate new client relationships.

Earning and managing reviews for your timeshare exit company help you stand out online. Up to 93 percent of your target audience looks to online reviews when choosing a company to terminate their timeshare contract. Take every step possible to ensure your clients are happy and your reviews glow.

Encourage satisfied clients to leave a positive review of your timeshare exit company. Send review forms via text or email. Make leaving a review simple. And most importantly, provide the service and care that makes customers happy to work with you.

In some cases, a client might leave a negative review. If this happens, do everything you can to make things right. A sincere apology and humble correction of any errors go a long way. Ask the customer to edit their review to reflect the changes. If you have rectified the situation, the client will be happy to leave a positive review most of the time.

Offer Consumer Financing

For many individuals, timeshares are a source of financial and emotional stress. Many timeshare owners don’t have the financial means to pay their mortgage plus rising annual fees. Timeshare owners come to you looking for relief from their contracts, but they might not have the resources to pay for your services in a large lump sum upfront because of their current financial situation.

You make your timeshare exit services available to your customers who need it most by offering consumer financing. Consumer financing solutions appeal to individuals seeking a way out of their overwhelming timeshare contracts. Partnering with a financing firm like United Consumer Financial Services makes financing easy for you and your clients. Post the low monthly payments on your website, along with the credit application for your prospective customers to complete themselves, to give your company an advantage over your competition!

UCFS provides simple, approachable financing solutions for timeshare exit companies. After you apply for merchant status approval, you can offer installment buying solutions – or low monthly payments – to your clients. After your client signs your contract and financing contract, your timeshare exit company is paid within 1 to 3 days. UCFS accepts repayment from your clients through the life of the loan. From application to payment, the entire process is simple, takes under 5-10 minutes, and UCFS takes care of payment collection and customer support. UCFS’s customer care services provide you with the support you need, giving you the freedom and ability to invest yourself back into your timeshare exit business.

Offering consumer financing gives you a competitive edge and helps you stand out online as timeshare owners seek help to end their contracts.


Standing out online helps your timeshare exit company earn more clients and relieve more people from the stress of their timeshares. In addition, implementing our advice helps you earn the right kind of traffic that leads to new clients.

For online searchers to purchase your services, you must make them accessible. Partnering with UCFS ensures your clients can afford your life-changing timeshare exit services without disrupting their planned monthly spending. Contact the team at UCFS today to learn how offering consumer financing helps your timeshare exit company stand out online.