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Tips for Maximizing Revenue in a Plastic Surgery Practice

Although the demand for plastic surgery dropped significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic, the industry resurged in 2021 and is expected to experience unprecedented growth over the next several years. One study forecasts that the cosmetic surgery market alone will grow annually by 9.6% from 2022 to 2030, surpassing 145.7 billion dollars by 2030. So the industry is growing, and with the right strategy and tools, your plastic surgery practice can too.

No Better Time to Plan for Growth

As industry growth remains steady, there has never been a better time to consider how your plastic surgery practice can capitalize on record interest in reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries. The following article by the United Consumer Financial Services team outlines three tips for maximizing revenue for your plastic surgery practice.

Look for New Business among Existing Clients

Although traditional marketing strategies are often designed to target new clients, re-engaging existing clients and prioritizing client retention are promising strategies for maximizing revenue.

A recent study found that up to 43 percent of college-aged clients who have undergone plastic surgery are interested in additional procedures. Reengaging clients from this demographic alone could significantly increase your revenue without forcing your practice to rely solely on meeting high client conversion rates from your marketing campaigns.

So how can you reengage former clients? Plastic surgery practices can do so by prioritizing follow-up. Below are a few simple ways to increase retention and earn additional business from existing clients:

  • Create established pathways for maintaining contact with your former clients
  • Request to share and celebrate clients’ before and after photos on socials and marketing content
  • Send information about periodic discounts or offers
  • Tailor personalized marketing content based on age, gender, or previous procedures
  • Create a referral program and incentivize clients to participate by offering free or discounted injections or procedures for a specified number of referred clients.

Reengaging your clientele converts single-procedure clients into repeat clients and encourages them to promote your practice through organic word-of-mouth advertising.

Overcome Stigma with Relatable Advertising

Various social stigmas have long loomed over the plastic surgery industry. Many have viewed a plastic surgery procedure as something to keep secret. Even as the market grows and procedures become more commonplace, social stigma shapes how many individuals view plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery practices are uniquely positioned to overcome these stigmas by creating relatable content that normalizes plastic surgery and creates an inclusive culture where everyone can see themselves going under the knife to enhance their appearance.

Here are three strategies for engaging potential clients –– even skeptical ones –– with your advertising content:

Prioritize non-sensational advertising

Through your website, social media, and ad campaigns, offer prospective clients before and after photos that feature subtle yet appealing transformations. Focus on the difference a single surgery can make, and when advertising multiple surgeries, show the results in stages. In addition, it features testimonials highlighting how plastic surgeries increase clients’ self-esteem, confidence, and quality of life.

Create content to target misinformation

Videos, articles, and social media posts explaining what plastic surgeries can do and how they work are only some ways to earn new clients’ trust. Plastic surgery practices should also tailor marketing and informational content to counteract misinformation about the industry, including common myths such as plastic surgery is only for the wealthy or women; it is dangerous and painful, and surgical results last forever. Dispelling these common myths is a strategic first step toward building trust, expanding your clientele, and maximizing revenue.

Promote reconstructive plastic surgeries

Most people are only aware of the aesthetic or cosmetic side of the industry, which focuses on enhancements and augmentation. Few realize that plastic surgery encompasses procedures like carpel tunnel surgery, reconstructive surgeries after a mastectomy or burn injury, and reconstructive surgeries for congenital and developmental defects.

Highlighting these procedures will help normalize plastic surgery for skeptical clients, increasing awareness about reconstructive procedures and the likelihood that clients will consider exploring other cosmetic procedures.

Plastic surgery practices would be well served to help prospective clients see the benefits of plastic surgery and the broader scope of plastic surgeries available.

Offer Consumer Financing to Attract New Clients

The costs of plastic surgeries are another major factor deterring potential clients from setting up a consultation with your practice. A recent study found that 28.4% of participants would pursue plastic surgery if money were not an issue. However, money is an issue for many potential clients, so offering consumer financing options is a strategic way to attract new clients and sustain returning clients.

Consumer financing makes plastic surgeries affordable for your clients and restores their freedom to choose elective surgeries. By offering consumer financing options through firms like United Consumer Financial Services, your practice shows clients that they matter and that receiving the surgeries they want can be more accessible and affordable than they thought.

Consumer financing allows clients to choose a payment plan that works for them. Through low, fixed, monthly payments, consumer financing enables clients to pay for cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries not covered by their insurance, translating to a higher volume of clients, consultations, and procedures for your plastic surgery practice. And, compared to companies like Care Credit, United Consumer Financial Services has higher approval rates and approves patients for higher dollar amounts – many times covering the whole surgery cost.

Position Your Practice to Succeed

As the demand for plastic surgery increases, opportunities to maximize revenue abound. With solid customer relations, marketing strategies, and consumer financing options, plastic surgery practices can position their methods for record volume and maximize annual revenue.

Contact your United Consumer Financial Services team today to learn how consumer financing can serve your customers and strengthen your plastic surgery practice.