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How UCFS Can Help Hospitals And Clinics Finance Patient Costs

Medical bills have been cited as a leading cause of debt or even bankruptcy for many Americans. It’s believed that this may be a result of more employers making the switch to high-deductible health plan options.

Years ago, high-deductible plans were viewed as an inventive way to save employers money on healthcare costs, while encouraging policyholders to be more conscientious about service-related medical costs. It was believed that these plans would force people to shop around for better prices when it came to service providers and other needs, but they didn’t.

Fast forward to now. It’s been estimated that about 86 percent of employers offer high-deductible health plan options. What does that mean for policyholders? It often means more out-of-pocket costs and more people having a difficult time when it comes to paying their medical bills.

Medical facilities are feeling the strain of this, too. As patient medical debt increases, so does a hospital’s or clinic’s debt portfolio. Large deductibles can greatly reduce patients’ abilities to cover treatment-related costs. And when patients land in collections, it means even more costs for hospitals. As outstanding accounts sit in collections, it takes a substantial amount of time and money to try to recover them. And while hospital accounts receivable departments work hard to retrieve these balances, the likelihood of them ever being repaid grows less and less.

Let UCFS Help With Medical Procedure Financing

United Financial Consumer Services (UCFS) knows how important it is for medical facilities to maintain the balance between managing patient financial matters and providing benevolent care. We can help bridge the gap between the two with our medical procedure financing service for hospitals and clinics.

UCFS has been providing budget-friendly repayment plans for a wide variety of industries since 1980. Our professional medical services financing can be custom-tailored to meet a medical facility’s exact requirements. Plus, there are a number of benefits to working with us.

For Hospitals And Clinics:

  • Quick credit decisions using criteria beyond credit scores
  • The medical facility is paid, not the patient
  • A program where UCFS services patient accounts to increase the collection rate
  • No setup or monthly fees
  • Co-branding options for patient brochures

For Patients:

  • Financed amounts of up to $10,000
  • Dedicated, friendly financing and customer service teams
  • Fixed, low monthly payments
  • Interest rates that are competitive or lower than other medical procedure finance companies
  • Easy auto-pay with an online portal for account review

Make UCFS Medical Procedure Financing An Option At Your Hospital Or Clinic

With UCFS, past-due collection accounts can be financed as well as planned procedures. Learn more about our programs, and sign up for free to start working with UCFS today.

UCFS partners with medical facilities so that financing can be offered to patients. If you are a patient who wants to finance a procedure or balance due, please have your medical facility contact UCFS about our financing program.