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Benefits of Offering Consumer Financing If You’re A Pet Store

The world of pet store ownership raises many questions about how you should run your business. From what sorts of pet food and toys you want to carry to the number of payment options you offer, there are many factors to consider. One thing you should never have to question is whether you should offer pet purchase financing — with all the benefits to be gained from pet financing, the answer is always yes.

Benefits for Your Customers

The greatest benefit your customers gain from pet purchase financing is that they don’t have to put off bringing home their new family member, only to come in when they’re ready and find that someone else has purchased them. Pet financing allows them to move quickly and easily from falling in love with an animal to bringing them home.

UCFS helps your pet store offer customers the option to make fixed monthly payments over a set length of time. These installments are easier to manage than a single lump sum and work with virtually any budget. Additionally, there are no fees for early payoff, and auto-pay options make payment management stress-free — because every family deserves a pet!

Benefits for Animals

When families are able to purchase a pet the moment they find one, animals can find their forever homes much more quickly. They can start to form that special bond that only a pet and its owners share. This bond is emotionally important, especially for dogs. In fact, neurological studies show that dogs think of humans as their family, and behavioral studies show that dogs interact with humans as babies do with their parents. Pet financing helps pair these adorable fur babies with loving pet parents ASAP.

Benefits for Your Pet Store

Offering pet financing can help increase your pet sales to make sure your business is always booming. Partnering with cat and dog financing companies will help not only draw in customers in search of a new furry friend, but also introduce them to the great pet products you carry in-store. Pet financing offers an ideal opportunity to create repeat customers.

UCFS makes pet purchase financing easy for you, the retailer, too. There is no registration fee to get started, and UCFS treats you as a partner and your customers like our own. We even offer co-branding opportunities on materials like brochures, which you can offer your customers to give them a comprehensive look at their pet purchase options.

As for the pet financing sign-up process, it’s simple and efficient. Complete the merchant registration forms and then, when a customer can benefit from pet financing, you only need to guide them through an easy online credit application and wait a few moments for the credit decision. After approval, complete the remainder of the buying process and receive your payment directly and promptly; your customer begins repayment of the contract 30 days after the initial purchase. And you get the rewarding experience of adding a new member to your customer’s family.

Make UCFS Your Pet Financing Partner Today

Increase pet sales and help animals in your store find their forever homes by partnering with a pet financing company like UCFS. Learn more about our programs and sign up to start a partnership with UCFS today.