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Trends in the Lawn and Snow Equipment Industry

Grass will grow, snow will fall, and there will always be a need for lawn and snow removal equipment. Retailers in this growing market must adapt to industry changes to meet the needs of their clients, and the best way to do so is to understand what’s happening in this industry.This article from United Consumer Financial Services explores current trends in the lawn and snow equipment industry and how you can position your business to take advantage of this market to serve your clients and grow your company.

Trends in the Lawn and Snow Equipment Industry

Electric and Battery Power Gaining Traction

For years, the industry has explored alternative fuel options. A global emphasis on sustainability and fossil fuel reduction has caused manufacturers and users to seriously consider how electric and battery-operated lawn equipment can fit into the market.

Battery and electric lawn maintenance equipment was initially met with some resistance from residential, commercial, and industrial customers. The technology available could not compete with traditional engines’ power or durability. It was often cost-prohibitive and impractical, especially for contractors and businesses.

However, those tides are turning. Consumers want to balance power, price, and sustainability. Electric and battery-powered equipment is finally reaching the ideal wherein none of those factors are compromised. As electric and battery-powered equipment gains traction, retailers must expand their inventory to cater to customers seeking this new machinery. 

Shoppers Will Pay for Versatility and Efficiency

Efficiency remains critical for shoppers looking for lawn and snow equipment. Whether buying for personal use or as a commercial client, they need machines that do the job quickly and cleanly. Shoppers want equipment with intuitive operator interfaces, quick access for cleaning and service, and simple operation.

Versatility is another major factor driving purchase, especially in the commercial space. If a contractor can use one piece of equipment for multiple tasks and applications, why wouldn’t they? Streamlining their equipment (and associated costs) is more important than ever as service companies continue to recover from inflation and solidify their bottom lines.

Lawn and snow equipment retailers must boost their inventories with efficient, versatile equipment. Consumers want the most bang for their buck, and a multipurpose, strategically designed machine is the best way to achieve that value in this industry.

Amplifying Demand for Automated Equipment

Multipurpose machinery isn’t the only way consumers can improve their efficiency. Automated or smart equipment is beginning to revolutionize the lawn care and snow service industry, including in private sales.

While this equipment hasn’t yet permeated commercial contracting businesses, it’s only a matter of time before the lawn care and snow service industry fully embraces automatic service equipment.

From remote-controlled snowblowers to autonomous/robotic lawnmowers, we see equipment innovations allowing operators to step back from hands-on use. For your commercial clients, that means they can maximize their time and energy on the job site. And for individual shoppers they’re free to fill that space however they please.

Stay updated with automated lawn and snow equipment innovations so you can make these options available when consumers are ready to buy.

Lawn Care and Snow Services Go Together

Recent research found that roughly half of all snow businesses also provide lawn and landscape services. The same research found that among the multi-line businesses surveyed, snow and ice services generate roughly one-third of the yearly earnings for these businesses.

What does this mean for retailers? Your customers need equipment for all seasons. Make yourself their complete source for all the lawn and snow machinery they need year-round, and they won’t have any reason to shop elsewhere. When you’re meeting equipment needs all year, you’re earning revenue all year.

The Demand for Consumer Financing Options

Rising operation and equipment costs, maintenance requirements, and inflation continue to affect lawn care and snow equipment sales. It’s more important than ever for competitive retailers to make their products accessible and affordable to consumers.

Offering consumer financing is essential if you want to win in this industry. Shoppers need flexible payment options to choose quality, durable, effective machinery. Partnering with a financing firm allows you to make your products more accessible, upsell and cross-sell equipment, and establish a new client relationship that has the potential to yield years of sales for your business.

When implementing a financing program for your business, secure solutions that work for your clientele while maximizing your sales and profits. United Consumer Financial Services boasts a track record spanning more than four decades catering to satisfied clients.

We make financing simple for our business partners in the lawn and snow equipment industry. An independent retailer selling lawn mowers and snow blowers can offer low monthly payments from UCFS with confidence. UCFS offers a quick, straightforward credit application with prompt notice of approval. From there, you can start the sale and provide clear instructions for loan repayment. The steps are simple:

  1. Enter the customer’s online credit application, or have them enter it themselves
  2. Receive near-immediate communication of credit application status
  3. For approved credit applications, customer eSigns the contract right from their phone
  4. Move forward with the sale
  5. Get paid by UCFS within 1-2 days after the transaction is complete
  6. Consumer makes payments to UCFS through autopay for the life of the loan, starting 30 days after the contract is executed.

With UCFS, your business does not pay surprise fees, your consumers have a consistent rate/APR, and you’ll experience high approval rates that translate to serving more customers and success for your lawn and snow equipment retail business.

UCFS recommends businesses avoid in-house financing because it is expensive and time-consuming, and it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks, especially when juggling other aspects of your business. Let our team handle the intricacies and the legal aspects of consumer financing so you can free your time, energy, and financial resources to pour directly into your customers and growing business.

Take Advantage of Trends and Sell More Today

The lawn and snow equipment industry is growing. What are you doing to ensure your company is positioned to take hold of market share? Understanding where the market is heading empowers you to capitalize on these trends to succeed today, next year, and ten years in the future.

Implementing a consumer financing program through UCFS allows you to meet customers where they are and provide realistic avenues for them to purchase your products today. Reach out to our team to learn how offering consumer financing can help you grow your business and sell more equipment starting now.