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Unique Ideas for Increasing Appointments for Your Med Spa

If you own or direct a med spa, you’re always looking for new ways to earn appointment bookings. Below we give you six unique ideas to increase appointments for your med spa while providing an exceptional experience for your clients!

1. Make a Great First Impression

First impressions are everything: in relationships, at work, and, of course, at your spa. Most of your clients will discover your spa long before they walk through your doors. Today’s med spa customer does online research before booking services. You make your first impressions long before a client receives their first treatment.

Prioritize a beautiful and functional site design. Your site conveys everything your potential clients need to know about your spa’s brand and services. If you can impress your site, you’ve engaged them and are one step closer to booking their appointment.

While first impressions might start online, the first audible impression comes on the phone. When taking a call from a potential client, treat every caller like your best friend, being as accommodating as possible. Then, when a client arrives for their first appointment, your spa should be warm and inviting. Staff should engage with clients from the moment they walk in. Consider design, scent, and music and how those elements contribute to a fantastic customer experience.

An excellent first impression is key to retaining customers and increasing appointments for your med spa.

2. Drive Engagement on Social Media

Many, if not most of your clients, are on social media. Seven out of ten Americans use social media, making your social accounts prime means to reach potential –– and current –– clients.

Additionally, social media channels allow you to show and tell your target audience what you can do for them. Post pictures of your clients (with their consent) before and after their treatments. Publish written testimonials, or better yet, record video testimonials of current clients.

Socials also provide a peek behind the curtain. Use your platforms to showcase staff and give clients intimate access to your team. When customers feel that they know you, they’re more comfortable and likely to book services with you.

Social media is a free yet incredibly effective method to engage with new and existing clients. To make the most out of your reach, include a booking option linked to your profile. Make it easy for clients to schedule with you; they will!

3. Promote Memberships

Med spa memberships encourage clients to commit to booking your spa services. The membership model appeals to new and existing clientele because of the benefits and convenience they offer.

You can customize your med spa’s memberships to fit your clients’ needs. Create tiered pricing to include memberships for every price point. Consider customers’ favorite treatments and products and include those in your packages.

Memberships encourage repeat bookings and product purchases. In addition, members enjoy access to exclusive perks, which makes them feel valued and promotes repeat business.

Plus, memberships do more than help you book appointments. They also aid in increasing your average order value. Membership owners spend more time at your med spa utilizing your services. They’re comfortable and familiar with what you have to offer and are more inclined to try new services and purchase your retail products.

4. Utilize Scheduling Software

Empowering your clients to schedule their appointments is the ticket to increasing your bookings.

These days, your customers don’t want to spend their time on the phone scheduling their spa treatments. Consider utilizing a scheduling software that eliminates the need for clients to call your office to book appointments, saving you both time.

Scheduling software puts the power in the hands of your clientele. They can book treatments quickly and on their own time. Plus, your front desk staff is freed to take care of other tasks, like customer care. These software programs can also send text, call, or email reminders to your clients, reducing the risk of late or missed bookings.

Implementing scheduling software allows you to strategically place scheduling calls to action throughout your site and social media platforms. For example, instead of directing a potential client to your office number, you can send them directly to a scheduling form. Make booking treatments easy for your customers, and you’ll see an increase in appointments. 

5. Showcase Positive Reviews

Positive online reviews are one of the most powerful marketing tools for your med spa. According to Forbes, 73 percent of people trust a local business if it has positive online reviews. Contrast that number with 94 percent of people who will avoid a business if it has negative reviews.

Managing your reviews is the key to booking more appointments. Respond to every review, both good and bad. And if you receive a poor review, do whatever you can to make things right. Once you’ve corrected any mistakes, ask the customer to edit their review to reflect your business in a more positive light.

When you earn good reviews, showcase them on your site and your social media. Take screenshots of positive remarks and post them to your Instagram or Facebook. You can also publish them on your site so site visitors can see the high level of service you provide. In addition, seeing and hearing about others’ positive experiences will give new clients the confidence to book an appointment with your team.

6. Offer Financing Options

To increase appointments for your med spa, you must ensure your services are accessible to the most customers possible. Offering financing options to your clients gives them the freedom to choose the services they want without disrupting their planned monthly spending.

Implementing a consumer financing program at your med spa allows your clientele to book more appointments, upgrade their treatments, and enjoy the benefits your services provide. Because clients can fulfill their payments in affordable monthly installments, they have the freedom to enjoy any number of your med spa treatments without worrying about their budget. Offering a consumer financing option increases appointments and leads to more sales for your med spa.

When choosing consumer financing for your med spa, partner with a financing firm with the experience and resources to meet your and your clients’ needs. United Consumer Financial Services has over 40 years of experience providing consumer financing solutions to med spas just like yours. Their simple payment plans empower your clients to choose the treatments they want and need. And UCFS’s U.S.-based customer support team is available to answer all your clients’ questions, freeing you to spend your time and resources growing your med spa.

Providing installment payment options gives your customers the confidence to book your services, even if they do not have a large lump sum payment available upfront. And once they see how simple monthly payments are through UCFS, they’ll come back to you again and again.


Increasing appointments for your med spa leads to more connections and more revenue for your business. Providing simple, affordable financing is the best way to earn new customers and keep existing customers coming to you for their treatments. Contact the team at UCFS to learn how med spa consumer financing can help you increase appointments for your med spa starting now.