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Benefits of Consumer Financing for Your Dental Practice

Providing consumer financing is a great way to not only grow your dental or orthodontic practice, but consumer financing relieves a great deal of financial burden from patients coming to you for care and alleviates office staff workload. What should you consider when choosing consumer financing? Below we outline the five components of trustworthy and professional financing companies. Our list will help you choose a financing firm that benefits both your business and your patients. Let’s begin!

High Approval Percentages for the full amount

Offering consumer financing allows patients to receive the care they need and want from your dental practice. Everyone should have access to quality dental services, but many patients find that they don’t have the ability to fund their care. The key to choosing consumer financing for your practice lies in finding a firm with high approval percentages and companies that approve your patients for the full amount. You want to have the option to provide financing, and therefore care, to as many people as possible. United Consumer Financial Services approves high percentages of patients who apply for their financing services. In fact, UCFS has a higher approval percentage than many other lenders. And when UCFS approves a patient for the full amount, businesses do not need to discount their services. As an oral care provider, this means you can offer your services to a wider array of patients. More potential patients are approved which correlates into more patients coming to you for care both now and in the future. Choosing a financing firm who will approve applicants for the full amount means your patients get the care they need today, and it also increases the chance that they’ll return to your office for future dental needs.

Fast Customer Approval Time

When a patient comes into your office for care, whether that be emergency dental services, braces, or other cosmetic dentistry, time is of the essence. You want to provide the care as soon as possible. But if a patient doesn’t have the ability to cover costs upfront, they usually have no option but to postpone their dental care.

However, if you offer consumer financing, your office can provide much needed care to your patients just minutes after they walk in! United Consumer Financial Services offers fast approval times for dental and orthodontic financing applicants. The easy-to-use online system allows patients to apply for financing right in your office. In just minutes, your team will receive an email with the application decision, and you can continue the appointment.

This quick approval time means patients can apply for financing and then receive treatment on the very same day—minutes after they apply! And because the approval process happens so quickly, there’s no need for patients to postpone treatment or consider other providers. You’re able to provide much needed care as soon as possible with no risk for a lapse in cash flow for your business.

Eases the Burden on Your Staff

Consumer financing makes acquiring much needed dental and orthodontic services easy for patients. But providers benefit from financing as well. When you choose to work with a consumer financing firm like United Consumer Financial Services, you provide affordable dental financing to your patients, and you also preserve your office’s resources.

When a dentist or orthodontist offers in-house financing, those services require time and energy from staff. In fact, many offices find that they must hire an additional team member to handle the billing, collections, and payment processing. But by utilizing consumer financing from a firm like UCFS, you enable your staff to focus solely on the patient. Outsourcing your financing allows you to prioritize patient care, the top priority for every healthcare provider.

When your resources aren’t allocated toward additional staff, and when your staff can direct all of their energies to caring for patients, your office will run more efficiently, and most importantly, your patients will have an excellent experience. Consumer financing eliminates the need for your staff to handle collections, saves them time and saves the practice money. A merchant-focused firm like UCFS gives your dental or orthodontic practice the ability to pour its resources into caring for patients and makes consumer financing easy for you.

Affordable, Low, Monthly Payment Options

Dental and orthodontic care are crucial components of a person’s overall health. Unfortunately, many patients needing these oral healthcare services might postpone care because of a lack of funding. When you offer consumer financing, you have the opportunity to provide your services to patients regardless of their ability to pay upfront.

United Consumer Financial Services offers easy, affordable payment options that fit the needs of your patients. Regardless of the type of dental or orthodontic care your patients need, you can offer payment plans that work for them. UCFS offers low, fixed monthly payment plans that patients can pay off in a few as six months and up to four years. By providing a timeline that caters to the patient, you give them access to the oral care they need and want. Providers eliminate the pressure to pay for services upfront, and patients enjoy affordable payment plans that don’t interrupt their regular budgeted expenses.

Ease of Use for Patients

One of the ways you can best serve your patients is by offering financing through a service that is easy to use. United Consumer Financial Services provides simple, straightforward patient portals that allow clients to access all of their financing information with just a few clicks. When a patient comes to you for dental services or orthodontic care, you want to make financing effortless for them. UCFS utilizes an online portal where patients can reference their account, review autopay details, and see their remaining balance.

Having all of their payment information in one place allows patients to have a clear picture of their payment progress. This system also saves your office time because staff energy isn’t spent on retrieving the patient’s financial information. Instead, your team can focus on providing an exceptional in-office experience for your patients.


Choosing consumer financing for your business doesn’t have to be overwhelming. United Consumer Financial Services is the perfect solution for your dental or orthodontic clinic’s consumer financing needs. UCFS makes it easy for both you and your patients: you provide your patients with exceptional care, and UCFS ensures you can service more patients. The team at United Consumer Financial Services provides the high-level customer support you need to offer consumer financing today.