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CoolSculpting Marketing Forecast and Trends for 2024

CoolSculpting has been an aesthetic procedure on the market for over 20 years. As we approach 2024, the treatment is more popular, effective, and accessible than ever. Read on to learn the CoolSculpting marketing forecasts and trends for 2024 and how your practice can capitalize on this growing market.

The Growth of the CoolSculpting Market

The CoolSculpting market size was estimated at $631.3 million in 2021. With a projected CAGR of 24.2 percent from 2021 to 2028 and an expected market size of $287.8 million by that time, CoolSculpting services are in high demand, with that demand continuing to rise.

But CoolSculpting isn’t the only spa treatment seeing significant growth. Medical spa services are rising globally, with a projected CAGR of 12.75 percent through 2026. The demand for aesthetic procedures drives this industry, and it’s up to providers like you to market your practice to bring in the most patients possible. Now is the ideal time to prioritize your practice’s marketing strategy and highlight the many benefits CoolSculpting brings to your patients.

Taking Advantage of the New Year Trends

Every January, people get serious about their goals. Often, those goals revolve around how an individual sees and feels about themselves. CoolSculpting providers find themselves an answer to prayer for people ready for a change –– and prepared for that change immediately.

If you’re a CoolSculpting provider, you’re well acquainted with the treatment’s impressive results. CoolSculpting is the ideal solution for someone wanting to make a change in the New Year. When January rolls around, people of all ages are ready to invest in their appearance. And CoolSculpting is a perfect avenue for them to look and feel great.

CoolSculpting providers can capitalize on the New Year excitement to draw in patients and engage with potential patients who are on the fence about receiving treatment. The door is open for providers like you to increase consultation and appointment bookings to see the highest patient volume in your practice’s history. If you understand market trends, patient desires and demands, and how to market CoolSculpting to your many audiences, you can see measurable success with CoolSculpting in 2024 and beyond.

Increased Use among Men: Marketing to a Wider Audience

Across the country, men are seeking aesthetic treatments more than ever. At its debut in 2010, women were the primary audience for CoolSculpting treatment. And while women are still the dominant users of this treatment, more men are receiving these services.

As a CoolSculpting provider, you must understand that your target audience includes women and men. Therefore, creating inclusive spaces where men feel comfortable is essential for practices looking to a future where male CoolSculpting treatments become more commonplace.

Engaging with and drawing in male patients starts with your marketing. First, differentiate your CoolSculpting services and establish yourself as an inclusive practice. Creating a space for all patients will help you book more appointments and build a foundation for future bookings.

Highlighting testimonials from male patients is a simple way to attract this newer CoolSculpting demographic. Your site and socials should include verbal and written testimonials and before and after photos so other men can hear and see firsthand how CoolSculpting can work for them.

And you’ll want to implement the same marketing techniques geared toward female patients; before and after videos and pictures give potential patients a complete understanding of the efficacy of your CoolSculpting services. In addition, visually-driven social channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok empower your practice to reach more potential patients with engaging, compelling content.

Nonsurgical and Affordable: The Ideal Med Spa Service

The rapid growth and continuous popularity of CoolSculpting are mainly due to the simplicity of the treatment. Unlike traditional procedures that reduce fat (liposuctions and tummy tucks), Coolsculpting is non-invasive, and treatment is much more affordable than the surgical alternatives. As a result, CoolSculpting is the ideal fat-reducing aesthetic treatment, and its popularity continues to grow among med spas across the country.

CoolScuplting is a relatively simple treatment. The recovery time is almost no time at all. Patients can resume normal activities once treatment is over. Because CoolSculpting doesn’t impede normal rhythms or routines, it’s the ideal service for individuals who want fast results with no recovery or downtime.

The speed and simplicity of CoolSculpting have made it increasingly popular among med spas and their patients. By highlighting the ease and affordability of CoolSculpting, you can draw in more patients and book more appointments than ever.

 Making CoolSculpting Affordable and Accessible

The target patient pool was shallow when CoolSculpting made its debut twenty years ago. But today, in 2024, CoolSculpting treatments are for everyone. From a college student preparing for Spring Break to older patients with stubborn pockets of fat (both men and women,) the treatment is ideal for and accessible to everyone. With a high success rate and mild side effects, CoolSculpting delivers the results patients want without the physical, emotional, and financial burdens associated with invasive fat reduction procedures.

Your patients want CoolSculpting. How can you make it affordable and accessible to the most patients possible? Providing patient financing for CoolSculpting empowers your patients to receive life-changing treatment when and where they want.

Because the best results occur with multiple treatments, your patients will likely need at least two treatments. And if they have numerous problem areas, they’ll want to treat those areas together. But because CoolSculpting is a cosmetic procedure, it’s not covered by insurance, and recipients must pay out of pocket.

For many individuals, covering treatment costs are not feasible, especially if they don’t have credit or savings. In addition, patients without discretionary spending funds might find treatment difficult or even impossible to pay for.

But that doesn’t have to be the case when your practice offers patient financing. When you partner with a firm like United Consumer Financial Services to provide installment loans, your patients can pay off their CoolSculpting treatments through affordable monthly payments.

Financing plans allow individuals to receive the treatments they want without postponing additional treatments due to a lack of cash. Instead, they can increase their order values and receive more treatments while maintaining a low monthly payment that they can afford more quickly and confidently.

Partnering with UCFS to Capitalize on CoolSculpting Trends

CoolSculpting providers are positioned for success as we enter 2024. Market demand is high, and more people than ever are seeking these treatments. Partnering with UCFS allows you to take advantage of 2024’s forecasted trends to serve more patients and provide the care and treatment they need to love the skin they’re in truly.

Reach out to our team today to learn how UCFS’s CoolSculpting financing services can help your practice grow.