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How to Choose Consumer Financing for Your In-Home Products Business

Whether you’re selling cleaning systems, water filtration systems, or a variety of other in-home products, you know the importance of closing the sale on the spot. If a potential customer feels like they can’t afford your products outright, the sale is gone. But when you offer consumer financing – or low monthly payments – you’re able to ensure your customers immediately get the products they need and want.

Choosing consumer financing for your in-home product business can be fast, easy, and truly beneficial to help serve more consumers. You want a financing firm that works with and for you and sets your customers up for success. Below we walk you through five factors to consider when choosing consumer financing for your business.

1. Fast Approval

A lack of on-hand funds might prevent a potential customer from purchasing what you have to offer. Many people need in-home products but don’t have the disposable income to buy them. But if you can get your client quickly approved for consumer financing, you remove the stress of paying in one lump sum.

When presenting your products to a potential customer, one question jumps to the forefront of their mind: “Can I afford this?” By partnering with a financing firm that offers fast approval, you can assure customers that they can purchase your goods. Clients already know they want the benefits of water filtration, a cleaning system, or other products to improve their home. And by offering consumer financing with quick approval times, you can grant them access to the product they need and want.

United Consumer Financial Services offers a consumer financing approval decision in just minutes, and the customer can make their purchase on the spot.

2. Impressive Approval Percentages for the Total Product Cost

Many in-home products improve the quality of life for those who own them. For example, cleaning systems allow homeowners to keep their homes clean so their kids, pets, friends, and family can breathe clean air. Water filtration systems provide clean, safe water for drinking, cooking, and bathing. Everyone should have access to these products. And by partnering with the right consumer financing firm, you can ensure they do.

When shopping for consumer financing options for your in-home sales business, you must find a firm that offers high approval percentages for financing applicants, as well as approvals for a high percentage of the total product cost giving you the ability to provide your goods to an increased number of customers. In addition to the FICO score, UCFS reviews many additional factors to approve a consumer, such as homeownership, employment, down-payment, if a co-buyer, and more.

UCFS offers some of the highest approval percentages on the market—percentages higher than their competitors. Working with UCFS means more of your clients are approved for financing, which means you can serve more customers in the long run.

3. Affordable Payment Plan 

When researching consumer financing firms, you want to choose one that offers fast approval for the largest number of clients. You also want payment options that meet the specific needs of your customers. People should feel comfortable with their monthly payment amount. When you partner with UCFS for consumer financing, during the credit application process, your customers choose their payment amount and number of months/term so they know exactly what to expect and to ensure the payment amount fits into their total household budget.

UCFS offers affordable payment options that work for all of your customers. Flexible timelines mean your customers can make monthly payments for a few months or a few years. They get to make the choice that works with their financial situation. Affordable financing plans give your clients control over their payments. They get the products they want to improve their home and quality of life, and you’ll see a consistent or improved company cash flow.

4. Ease of Use for Both Merchant and Client

Consumer financing is a simple way for your customers to pay for the in-home products you provide. UCFS makes payments simple for the consumer, and you and your staff don’t have to worry about collecting* or scheduling payments. After a consumer signs the financing contract, their first payment is due in 30 days. Autopay set up on a credit card makes it easy for your customers to set and forget their monthly payments. Or, they can log into the consumer website to make payments, see their balance and the number of months remaining for their loan.

UCFS knows that your business requires your full attention. UCFS handles consumer repayment so you can focus your energy on growing your business. Sellers can call credit applications into the UCFS Instant Credit Hotline or enter credit applications into the Distributor web portal. The online portal will enable you to view account status and payments made to your business.

The U.S.-based team at UCFS provides personal, timely service with customer service representatives available business days from 8 am to 1 am and weekend hours of up to 14-hours a day.

5. Special Focus on In-Home Product Retailers  

People want your products. Industries like yours are growing because people want their homes to be safe, comfortable, and enjoyable. In-home products meet these needs and more. You’ve got an expanding customer base, which means you need a consumer financing firm that knows how to serve you as your business grows.

United Consumer Financial Services brings over 40 years of experience to your partnership. We’ve built long-lasting relationships with in-home sales distributors, and know that we succeed, only when our business customers succeed. The team at UCFS will give you the one-on-one attention you deserve so you can make sure your customers have the financing needed to bring your products home. Your business will thrive when your customers thrive, and that means they need access to fair, affordable financing. UCFS offers consumer financing built for in-home product sellers like you so you can serve as many customers as possible.


In-home product sales provide homeowners with the products and tools they need to make their house a home. To provide your goods to your customers, you need to choose a consumer financing firm that will prioritize both you and your clientele. United Consumer Financial Services includes everything you want and need in a consumer financing firm. UCFS partners with Distributors to boost sales, reach more customers, and provides exceptional service that gives you the ability to focus on your business.

*excludes fraud