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How to Choose Consumer Financing for Your Timeshare Relief Business

As a timeshare relief firm, you offer your clients freedom from the burden of their timeshares. Providing a way out of a timeshare contract allows you to relieve your customers’ financial hardship and stress.

To provide timeshare relief, many companies choose to offer consumer financing for their customers.  allows you to serve a greater number of clients than ever before, helping you grow your timeshare exit business. But how do you choose the right consumer financing firm? What should a timeshare relief company offer in their consumer financing? You want to work with a financing firm that serves both you and your clients. Below we walk you through the most critical factors to consider when choosing consumer financing for your timeshare relief business.

1. Nearly Immediate Approval

Many people who purchase a timeshare regret it. For every month that your client owns their timeshare, they’re pouring money into it. So when they come to you to help them get rid of their timeshare, they want to proceed quickly. But in some cases, customers don’t have the funds to pay for your services outright. If you’re not offering financing options, then that customer must choose to postpone their timeshare relief search or choose another company that can serve them immediately.

But if you can quickly approve your client for financing, they immediately feel the freedom to utilize your services to unload their timeshare. United Consumer Financial Services boasts some of the fastest approval times in the industry. In fact, your client can apply for financing and get approval just minutes later.

Once approved, your client can proceed with using your services to alleviate their timeshare burden. When you offer quick financing approval, customers don’t have to wait or go elsewhere to find the services they’re looking for. Choosing a consumer financing firm that offers fast customer approval benefits both you and your clients!  

2. Impressive Approval Percentages for the Total Cost of Service

While the timeshare industry continues to grow, a customer dissatisfaction rate of 17 percent still looms over the timeshare industry. That means nearly 1/5 of timeshare owners aren’t happy with their situation. With numbers like that, it’s no surprise timeshare relief companies have their hands full.

Many dissatisfied timeshare owners want out of their timeshare because of financial motivations. When you choose a consumer financing firm with high approval percentages, you’re able to offer your services to a larger range of customers, even those with questionable credit quality, who might not be approved through other firms. UCFS boasts higher-than-average approval percentages, which means you can provide your services to more customers than if you choose other lenders with lower approval rates. High approval percentages give more timeshare owners access to your company, providing them with a way out of their contracts.

Many people who search for a solution out of their timeshare contract do so because of the financial burden a timeshare presents. In some cases, their finances put them in a difficult position: they can’t get approved for financing, but they can’t afford to keep their timeshare. When you, as a timeshare relief company, provide financing that approves the great majority of applicants, you’re not only giving your clients the services they need, but they maintain their dignity throughout the process.

3. Affordable Payment Options 

Once your client has been approved for consumer financing, it’s essential that you offer manageable payment options. The financial burdens that come along with timeshare ownership can overwhelm those facing them. Choosing to partner with United Consumer Financial Services ensures your client will have affordable payment options that work for their specific financial situation.

A person’s lack of immediate cash flow should never be a barrier to receiving the services your company offers. UCFS offers low; fixed monthly payment plans that clients can pay off in as few as twelve months and up to three years. You remove the pressure to pay upfront, and your clients can take advantage of your timeshare elimination services without disrupting their month-to-month budget covering basic living essentials.  

4. Ease of Use for Both Merchant and Client

Consumer financing makes payment easier for both the customers you serve as well as for your staff. Working with a professional firm like UCFS removes the guesswork from collecting and scheduling payments.

In-house financing takes staff and resources away from the work of resolving timeshare relief issues for your clients. When your employees have to focus on payment collections and notices, they have less time and energy to care for clients. But when you choose consumer financing through UCFS, you can reduce administrative staff, and customer-facing staff can fully devote themselves to the important work of customer care. The team at UCFS takes care of all payments to your business within one to three days and handles all consumer collections. You don’t have to worry about a halt in cash flow. Plus, you have access to all customer accounts so that you can keep abreast of your accounts and payments.

UCFS makes financing payments easy for your clients, too. They set up autopay and can access their account through a simple online portal to review their balance. And if they can pay their balance ahead of schedule, there’s never a penalty. Financing with UCFS is simple, straightforward, and easy for everyone!

5. Special Focus on Timeshare Relief Companies 

You have a plethora of consumer financing companies to choose from. That means you get to be picky when selecting a firm to provide financing for your clients. As you consider consumer financing firms, you want someone who specializes in timeshare relief companies. UCFS has the experience to provide consumer financing that’s catered to your timeshare exit company’s specific needs.

UCFS promises to give you the attention and care you deserve as you work to provide the best solutions for your clients. We know that you need consumer financing built for you and for the people you serve. That’s why the team at UCFS is committed to answering your questions and making consumer financing easy every step of the way.


Choosing consumer financing for your timeshare relief business is simple. United Consumer Financial Services provides the most effective consumer financing options in the country. UCFS removes the logistical burden from your staff by handling customer payments directly. And your clients enjoy the benefit of fast approval and scheduled low monthly payments. UCFS cares for your clients, and they will care for you. The team at UCFS provides the professional services and personal care you need to offer consumer financing starting today.