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How to Choose Financing for your Rainbow Office

As a Rainbow distributor, you provide the gift of cleanliness, health, and peace of mind to your customers. And for them to enjoy all the benefits a Rainbow cleaning system offers, your business should do everything possible to make these products available.

Offering consumer financing for Rainbow systems and products allows your customers to make purchases confidently and easily. In this article, we’ll explore how to choose financing for Rainbow cleaning systems so you can move more products and serve more customers than ever before.

1. Simple, Fast Customer Application

Rainbow customers benefit from the free in-home presentations that distributors like you provide. When a customer sees a Rainbow used in their space and the difference the cleaning system makes in their home, they’re inclined to purchase. The in-home presentation also provides shoppers an opportunity to ask questions and make sure they know how to use the products. This gives individuals the clarity and confidence to make a purchase decision.

When you’re in a potential customer’s home, the comfortable, familiar setting and circumstances encourage them to buy. In addition, your customer may be more incentivized to purchase your product today with a monthly payment plan when you can offer financing.

As you choose a finance company for your Rainbow products, look for a company that offers a fast and straightforward approval process. In this day and age, most consumers are looking for an electronic process.

The sooner a customer receives approval for Rainbow financing, the better for you and them. With your presentation still fresh in their mind along with access to affordable monthly payment plans, your customers have both the confidence and resources to purchase a Rainbow system today. In addition, consumer financing options increase the probability that you will make a sale on the same day that you present to the customer.

2. Financing Fee Structure

As a Rainbow distributor, you’re responsible for the success of your business. Every micro decision you make contributes to the big picture of your business thriving. Choosing a financing program to help sell your Rainbow vacuum system is one of many choices you make that leads to your success. As you evaluate potential finance companies, learn about their fee structure. Some firms provide unique benefits to distributors, including no registration fees, no set-up fees, and no monthly fees. Evaluate both Reserve and Discount program fee structures because both programs have pros and cons.

You know that as a business owner, every penny counts. And when you’re choosing a financing company, you have options to select a firm that caters to your specific needs as a distributor and benefits your dealers. By partnering with a company with distributor programs, you reinvest those resources into growing your business.

3. Prompt Payment

Cashflow is crucial to any business, but this is especially true of small companies and distributors like yourself. Therefore, as you choose a company to finance your Rainbow products, you want to ensure they provide prompt payment to your business. In addition, you want to be sure you are working with a company that can provide long-term, consistent financing to your organization and promotees.

Look for cleaning system financing with fast payment. Some firms pay your business within one to three days after contract signing. This timeline provides your business with the cashflow you need to continue to grow while your customers enjoy the ease and simplicity of affordable monthly payments today. 

4. Customer Service that Extends Beyond the Sale

Your customers trust you to provide Rainbow financing options that meet their needs and offer friendly support. Choose a Rainbow finance company that delivers consistent, helpful, friendly, responsive support so your customers feel valued even after the sale. Choose a company that makes you feel valued.

Installment loans are simple, affordable payment options for your clients. However, as your customers have questions about their loan repayment, payment histories, or other inquiries, you want to ensure they have the support they need to feel confident about their decision to purchase their Rainbow system from you.

The firm you choose to handle your Rainbow system monthly payments must provide exceptional customer service to your clients from the beginning of the professional relationship. Their performance informs customer perception of your performance –– and in some cases, the performance of your product.

Give your clients the respect and support they deserve by choosing a financing company that does the same.


When you provide vacuum system financing, you empower customers to make their homes more comfortable, welcoming, and clean today while they pay their vacuum and cleaning systems off over time at a low monthly fixed amount. In addition, choosing the right financing company brings myriad benefits to your clients and your business. Using the above criteria, you can evaluate firms and partner with a company that meets –– and even surpasses –– your needs.