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Tips for Choosing Consumer Financing for your Medical Mobility Business

Accessibility for all is the goal of the medical mobility industry. As a business owner in this field, you’re in a position to provide your patients with the means to live independently and have access to the world around them. But for some, this access isn’t possible due to an inability to pay for medical mobility equipment. When you choose consumer financing for your medical mobility business, you empower patients towards independence with affordable payment options that anyone can make to help serve more customers. Below we detail five tips for choosing consumer financing that will benefit both your patients and your medical mobility business.

1. Look for a Fast, Easy Application Process

When it comes to mobility needs, a patient doesn’t have time to postpone the purchase of medical mobility equipment. Even 24 hours without the equipment they need makes a huge difference in their quality of life, both in the home and out. When you are considering consumer financing, you want to work with a company that offers a fast and easy credit application for your customers.

United Consumer Financial Services provides an effortless application process. Patients can be approved in just a couple of minutes online with an application that’s easy to fill out. By providing financing options that are accessible to your customers, you make getting the medical mobility equipment they need easier than ever before. Instead of waiting days or even weeks for financing approval—which means going without the equipment they need to go about their day to day—they can be approved for financing almost instantly. That puts you in a position to get them the products they need when they need them: immediately!

2. Find Consumer Financing with a High Approval Percentage

When a patient needs mobility equipment, the last stressor they need is to find that they aren’t approved for financing. If they don’t have insurance, paying out of pocket for the equipment or products they need might simply be impossible. And if they have Medicare coverage or private insurance, they will likely need prior authorization—which can take weeks—before they can bring home what they need. If they aren’t granted this authorization, they either pay in full or must go without.

But if you offer consumer financing that has a high approval percentage, these patients have the option to get the mobility aids they need to live life to the fullest. Working with a financing company that approves a large percentage of applicants means you have the opportunity to serve a large range of patients. You can offer financing with confidence, knowing that you work with a company that provides financing to an overwhelming majority of applicants.

High approval percentages translate into more patients served and, therefore, more products moved. No more disappointment from insurances, Medicaid, or even lenders. When your patients are approved for financing, everyone benefits.

3. Do They Offer Simple Payment Collection?

United Consumer Financial Services will save you both time and money with their simple, easy financing options. UCFS takes care of payment collection for you, so you can focus on customer service and care.

With UCFS collecting payment from your customers, it frees your staff from the administrative responsibility of ensuring customers are billed and they’re making their payments. That means less stress on your part, and it eliminates the need to pay additional staff to make sure payments are made. When you’re free from the administrative duties and burdens that come with in-house financing, you can focus more on serving your customers and moving inventory.

Additionally, with easy financing from United Consumer Financial Services, your customers know exactly what to expect as far as payment amounts and schedules. UCFS offers an autopayment option, so patients never have to worry about missing a payment and accruing penalty fees.

And, UCFS pays your business directly. No need to worry about missed payments affecting your business operations. When you choose to work with United Consumer Financial Services, you can know your cash flow is secure and payment will be collected every time. 

4. Low, Fixed Payment Options Are a Must

No one should ever be limited in their mobility due to an inability to pay for necessary equipment. Whether a person needs adaptive furniture, motorized wheelchairs or scooters, lifts for their home or vehicle, or whatever else that can make mobility a reality, they need to have realistic payment options.

As the merchant, you have the opportunity to give the gift of mobility and independence to your customers. And one of the best ways you can do this is by providing realistic financing options. Choosing a consumer financing program that offers low, fixed payment plans allows for a wide range of patients to get the mobility equipment they need. Offering financing options that allow for low monthly payments over time empowers patients to choose the products they need and want without having to settle or walk away from the purchase altogether. UCFS offers a range of payment plans from 12 months to 48 months, providing your clients with affordable payment options for their medical mobility equipment.

5. Online Access Paired with U.S.-Based Personal Customer Service

United Consumer Financial Services prioritizes ease-of-use and customer care. You can see this from application to payment and every step in between. Both the merchant and the customer have access to online portals to monitor payments and seek out friendly representatives who are happy to help—whatever the issue might be. The UCFS team members, based in Cleveland, Ohio, are financing experts and offer their proven and professional assistance with just one click. You have access to fantastic support, and your customers will enjoy fast, reliable customer service and easy portal navigation.  


Medical mobility businesses are busier than ever because there is more need for mobility equipment than ever before. Making it possible for the highest number of patients to access the chairs, scooters, vehicle adaption equipment and lifts they need is one of the goals of the medical mobility industry. And the best way to see this goal through is by making these purchases affordable for every patient, every time. Consumer financing allows patients to get the products they need without worrying about going into debt or not having the means to purchase this necessary equipment.

United Consumer Financial Services offers incomparable approval percentages, competitive interest rates, and realistic payment options that meet the needs of your patients. Plus, you will benefit from the quick approval processes, fast funding, and access to our professional and helpful team of experts. Offering consumer financing for your medical mobility business is easier than you thought possible, and United Consumer Financial Services is ready to show you how.